Extension of working holiday, implied status, labour market opinion


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My IEC (working holiday) permit expires in a couple of weeks. I want to apply to extend it and at least have implied status until I get a decision. However the application form asks for a labour market opinion - which I don't have and can't get since I work in retail. If I leave it blank or write N/A on the form, will my application be weeded out on a first review as being incomplete? What should I do about that?
Also - my permit says "NO EXTENSIONS" on it. Can I still apply for an extension knowing that it will be rejected?

Riley Haas

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You will need to change your status as you are probably no longer eligible for IEC (I am guessing that's what ""NO EXTENSIONS"means in this case).

As to your labour marketing impact assessment, you need one unless you are eligible for an open work permit (and I doubt you are). One of our consultants is an expert with IEC (he came here on it himself) and I am going to ask him to respond to your question.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks so much for your response!
No, I'm not a manager.
I have an open permit now - so I can't apply to extend it with out a labour market assessment?
My application will be immediately rejected without submitting one?
I'm pretty sure that I will be denied, but I'm interested in implied status while my application is being processed,
Thanks again!

Anthony Doherty

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Hi Chileworker,

You cannot extend a working holiday, however you can apply to change the conditions of your work permit. In your case, you do not have a decision on your LMIA. I you apply for a change of conditions before you receive your LMIA decision the work permit will 100% be refused. I cannot advise you to do this as you have no grounds under which to apply. You could write a cover letter explaining your situation and ask for consideration because of delayed LMIA processing times, this will also be refused 100% but it will keep you on implied status. Also, keep in mind if you submit a paper application it will take longer to process.

I hope this helps