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I have just graduated from university and I am looking to apply for a PGWP. I had gone out of status but, I recently got my status as a student restored so, I have a valid study permit. However, I am from a non-visa exempt country and I do not have a TRV to re-enter into Canada. I would like to know if I can flag poll to obtain a PGWP or would I need to renew my TRV before doing so?
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You can flagpole anytime and anywhere but to do that you must need a valid US visa to do a flagpole and valid Canadian visa.
If you are applying PGWP first time, then CBSA just need Transcript, certificate and valid study permit.
Not sure that you can flagpole for extension/renewal.
Please confirm this with CIC before taking any step.

You can also consider this

If you graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution and are applying for a post-graduation work permit from outside Canada, you must indicate this on your Application form for a work permit made from outside Canada (IMM 1295):

In the section “Details of intended work in Canada”:

Question 1: Choose “Open Work Permit”
Question 2a (Name of employer): Write “Post Graduate Work Permit”

You have up to 180 days after you receive confirmation from your school that you have completed your study program to apply for a work permit. This confirmation could be a degree, diploma, transcript or official letter from your school.

Make sure you submit proof that you have completed all the requirements of your program of study (final transcript and a letter from the institution or formal notice of graduation).

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If you are driving across the border and returning by car (or walking both ways) you should be okay without the TRV. Don't know about bus or train. Definitely need a visa for flying.