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Hello There,

I am in Canada On a Visitor Visa and found employer who is ready to offer me a job and have a positive LMIA. I Don't know much about this Flagpoling Process can any one help how it works? Employer is ready to go at port to support the application.

1) Do i need a medical before i do a Flagpoling.
2) What documents are required.
3) What application from need to be filled ?
4) What is the best port for Flagpoling.
5) Any thing else i need to know about it ?

Kindly give me your valuable suggestions.

Flagpoling is a term that describes the process of exiting Canada, being refused entry to the USA, and re-entering Canada to validate your new immigration status in Canada. For most individuals who are eligible to flagpole it is the preferred method to validate study permits, work permits and permanent residency.

To answer your questions
1. Yes a Valid medical examination certificate is need if employed in public health or have lived for six months in certain countries.
2. Documents required include
  • Passport.
  • Existing Study or Work Permit.
  • Job contract signed by candidate and employer.
    Plus if required:
    Positive LMIA.
    Provincial nomination certificate.
    Letter of support from provincial nomination program.
3. There is no application form to be filled before flagpoling, Upon arrival at U.S. border control, you should inform the customs agent of the intention to directly flagpole. A slip will be issued that is an administrative refusal to the U.S.
4. The best ports with limited access for flag poling include Rainbow, Queenston-Lewiston and Peace bridges in Ontario, plus Lacolle and St-Armand in Quebec. Between them, the Ontario border points processed 45 Million travellers in 2017, while the Quebec points processed 1.2 million.
5. While the processing is fast once you arrive at the border, you still need to get there and wait in line. If you live near the border and own a car, this is easy, but otherwise there can be time and expense involved. However, it will still be quicker than applying to the IRCC.
It is advisable to plan a trip to the U.S. as part of the flag poling process. If you choose to flagpole without visiting the U.S., you will be formally denied entry. While this is fine as part of a one-time process, it will complicate the situation every time you enter the U.S. in future, as you will always be asked if you have ever been denied entry. By planning a day trip, this can be prevented.

Hope all your doubts are cleared.
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Let me try to answer your questions.
  1. Probably. Depends upon where you are from.
  2. You need everything you would need to file the application online and you need hard copies
  3. This is a work permit so you need to go by the work permit application checklist.
  4. The one nearest you is best.
  5. Some POEs restrict flagpoling to weekdays.