Flagpoling for new work permit


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Hi there,

My partner has a closed work permit till end of January 2020. I'm on a student Visa till end of September 2020. We are now common law (we weren't 2 years ago when we applied for our visas).

My partner found a new employer that will sponsor him for another 2 years. We already have a positive LMIA and new contract.

We have been told that we can just flagpole in order for him to get his New work permit and for me to get my OWP with just this documents (plus all old documents from previous job).
Does it sounds right? Seems too easy to be true!!!!
Yes, You can flagpole only if you don't want any type of U.S. Visa in future.

Flag-poling is a term that describes the process of exiting Canada, being refused entry to the USA, and re-entering Canada to validate your new immigration status in Canada. For most individuals who are eligible to flagpole it is the preferred method to validate study permits, work permits and permanent residency.

Riley Haas

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John is correct, however flagpoling is used colloquially to include both what John is talking about and the act of traveling to the US and coming back. We strongly recommend you take an actual trip - shop, go out to dinner, or even stay overnight. This way, you can avoid the problems John is referring to.