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Hello Folks,

I am a Canadian resident (did my soft landing in Sept 2019), stayed in Vancouver for a week and came back to US (where I work on an H1B). Have been in the US since Oct 2019.
My mother(widowed) is currently with me in the US on a US visitor B2 Visa, she came in December 2020 from India.

I plan to move to Canada (Vancouver area) in the next few months, before my mother's 6 month tourist Visa in US expires (Expiring on 8 June 2021). Hopefully I'll be able to come to Canada with her once her Visa is approved.
Since she currently does not have a Canadian visitor visa - I want to apply for one and have the following concerns:

1. Shall I apply for a normal Canadian tourist visa(6 month one) or can directly apply for a Super Visa(2 year one)? Which is recommended considering I am NOT in Canada currently.

2. I created the IRCC account for my mother and went through the questionnaire: Shall I be answering the below question with a YES? (considering I do not reside in Canada currently)
--> Do you have a family member who is a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident and is 18 years or older?

3. The documents being asked by IRCC website has me confused on the following:
  • Invitation Letter - The letter description asks for host(mine) - Address and phone number in Canada along with Job details.
    Since I'm yet to enter Canada and don't have an Address/phone, what Can I do here? :|
    Also, I will be keeping my current USA job and working remotely - Do I provide this job details in invitation letter?

  • Proof of Means of Financial Support - Do all these documents need to be in her name or can I provide my US bank statements/paystubs along with a letter saying I'll take care of all finances?

  • Purpose of Travel - The purpose here is to be able to live together as long as possible in these COVID times (By adhering to Visa)
    So - do I need to attach a return flight for her from Canada after 6 months or so/or 2 years for Super Visa?

I understand after this - Biometrics also need to be done, I'm not sure how Visitor applications are being processed at the moment. Any ideas on processing times from the US?
Anyone who knows about these/Has had similar experience - Their inputs will help a lot..

Thanks in advance to all forum users, your feedback/answers will be greatly appreciated :)

Riley Haas

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Let me try to answer your questions:
  1. I suspect you will have trouble with the Super Visa application because you are not in Canada. I don't know that for sure, but that's my (somewhat) educated guess.
  2. Yes, because you are a PR even if you are not currently in Canada. Please remember you need to live in Canada at least 2 years out of every 5.
  3. Invitation letter: this is a problem and I'm really not sure what you can do about it without moving here first. Financial support: yes, you can pledge to support her. Purpose of Travel: That's not going to be acceptable. Both immigration and CBSA are not supposed to approve status/entry (respectively) for people who are coming as a temporary resident but plan to live here permanently. You need to show that she will comply with the terms of the visitor visa, in this case that she will leave before her status expires. So, yes, a return ticket helps here.
Hope this helps.