Help w/ Imm 1283 form


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Hello, i joined this forum looking for answers who have had a similar situation.
Question re Form 1283 Financial Evaluation:

My CL partner & I are are applying for immigration. She was legally working in Ontario before her immigration status was denied b/c she didn't submit required information at the time.
When we met & i decided to find some solutions for her previous application we were left empty handed.
As of now we are living together. We both work but she does not have a valid SIN #, just a cash job part time.
As a sponsor, the total # of people for the requirement is 4. ( myself, her& her two children who are overseas). Is this correct or am i sponsoring three people here?
As well, if i don't meet the requirement , can i get a co signor to assist in the financial obligation? ( other than herself)
Since she earned cash of $10,000 approx ( in 2019) she would include this in her tax return once she gets a valid SIN #. Her "employer" did not give her a tax # ( i don't think her employer knows this) as my partner would file a T2125 when the time comes ( when she gets a SIN #). I only learned about this now while searching answers).
If i include her as a cosignor then we both can meet the requirement. As an overseas nurse & registered as a PSW from Ontario she has the skills & possiblity of a job ( w/ proper tax requirements) once she gets approved. She's been here in Canada for 13 years. Legally working until January 2017.

So what could i do? Is she done here & has to return back home overseas?