How to change your conditions on you work permit


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looking for a lil advice . So i am a year into my work permit and just got offered a job working in an hospital doing maintenance. Its listed as a condition on my visa that i cannot work in the health occupations field . I know this is because i didn t do a medical during the application as I never thought i would need one :( So have booked a medical exam but dont know were to go from there/

I called CIC but they didn seem to have a clear answer !I need to do it in the quickest time possible ppl have said go to the boarder and others have said it will make no difference !

Any advice is welcomed


Riley Haas

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Hi there,
I have asked one of our Registered Immigration Consultants (RICs) to have a look at your question and try to answer it as I do not know the answer myself.

Anthony Doherty

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Hey Babs1201

Yes you must book a medical exam from a list of CIC approved panel physicians. Then you will have them forwarded to Vegreville along with an online application to change the conditions of your current work permit. The fees will be $155. It will probably take 2-4 weeks for them to process the application. Let me know if you have further questions.

I hope this helps.

Anthony Doherty RIC


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Hello brothers and sisters just want lil info and advice thanks in advance.

I been here for almost a year but i got 2years of contract i was laying off due to my company cannot support my hours and salary.maybe because we got some slow sales coz what is happened.the main source of our company is to target the school needs during thier breaktimes/lunch. then saddenly the whole school move into another place then starting that time we got some slow sales so it happends being a excess manpower. They starting give me more day off,less hour untill the point comes. Iknow coz i felt i am excess nothing to do.. i did't blame my boss or my company no one wants to be like that i do really understand why he made that decision just to survive and to save d old staff/employee and to reduce cost.(sorry i got long story)

And then maam/sir a canadian wants to help me to transfer my work permit cause they are the same company but diffrent employer and he dont want to process another LMIA the company is the same gasoline station. I wanna know if i Should get another work permit and LMIA or just transfer my work permit and i will inform the immigration? I only have a lil time so if process from the start its a big problem for me. Hoping i got another choice to do please advice me ma'am & sir.THANKS

I just want a better life.
May GOD bless you


Anthony Doherty

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Hi Sir,

If your work permit is due to expire, you will need another LMIA, regardless of which employer you are working for. Your new employer will need to apply for another LMIA. You should also look into permanent residency to see if you are eligible.

I hope this helps



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Hello sir

Thank you so much sir for your quick response,its that so i only got 1 more year to fine another
LMIA so sad. I tried almost all the store here in our town they ignore me,if i said if posible to
Process me an LMIA, even i need you or i want you they said to me,processing is so much to do
And hard working, they thinking now negative regarding processing...;( now im stock looking my
Simple dreams could be ended intime...but i cant stop i need stand and dont lose hope.
And Hoping that our almigthy GOD give me a path to pursue my simple dreams.

Sir thankyou so much