How to divorce a Cuban


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I have married a Cuban on January 21, 2016, in Cuba. I have paid to ensure the marriage was legal in Cuba and in Canada. I also applied for sponsorship.
My husband recently informed me that he does not want to leave Cuba. (March 19, 2017). I have withdrawn my sponsorship application. He was never issued a PR card/visa.

We have never lived together, only the weeks that I would fly there and visit him.

How do I divorce him now? Do I need to wait a year to be legally separated? If so, who would I inform that we are separated since he told me he does not want to leave Cuba?
We both want the divorce.

Do I have to go to Cuba to sign the divorce documents (where would I apply, or him) or can I file from Canada at the Cuban embassy? They would also ensure the divorce would be legal in Cuba and in Canada.

What is the shortest and cheaper way of going about this?

Thank you very much for your time,

Riley Haas

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This is an immigration forum, not a legal forum, so we can't give you any advice about divorcing someone. However, my personal understanding is that if you do not live with someone for a year you can pursue a divorce in Canada without that other person being present.
I would suggest finding a divorce forum if you do not want to pay a lawyer for advice.

Here is information from the federal government:

Hope this was at least remotely helpful.