How to fill out spouses application to extend work permit when she already has IEC work permit


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Hi. My wife is in Canada on her second open work permit(IEC, then recognized organization IEC). Now I'm filling out the documents to sponsor her PR so we are applying for her open work permit as a spouse while we wait for her PR. But how do I fill out the first question about "I am applying for one or more of the following: apply for a work permit with the same employer, apply for a work permit for the first time or with a new employer, restore my status as a worker, or get a new temporary resident permit(for inadmissible applicants only). Seeing as she wants an open work permit. I don't know what option to chose. And I really can't find any good information regarding this situation


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I have read your situation, i had also gone through the same situation. I confirmed from lot of my friends, contacted ircc multiple times, So luckily one day got a chance to communicate with the best agent. So as per our conversation, he suggested me to apply spousal PR in the online portal and click yes on the open work permit application (in canada) in the checklist and pay the fee in the portal with the PR fee.
Later when we receive the AOR, then we can fill out the form of open work permit and select the option b (same employer).
I know this is so confusing as in the portal there is no work permit form and the rest of the options creates confusion.