How to marry a philippino woman

Dumitru Vigu

New Member
I met a girl from Philipino on Internet and I would like to marry her?

What should I do?

I live in Montreal, Canada.
I understood I have to sponsor her, how much does it cost and how long time for her to get a visa for Canada ?

Riley Haas

Staff member
If you marry her in the Philippines, you will have to sponsor her "overseas"; that takes 17 months.

If she gets visa and marries you in Canada while visiting you, you will sponsor her "inland"; that takes 22 months, but has the option of applying for a work permit which, if granted, would be available about 2 months into the process.

Both processes cost the same, provided you are not paying for assistance with the application: $1040 ($75 for you, $475 for her, $490 for her permanent residence, but that can be paid later) plus $500 per any dependent child over 19 and $150 per any dependent child 19 and under. A work permit application will involve an additional cost.

Hope this helps.