IEC Visa Being Denied Affect Spousal Sponorship?


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My Costa Rican boyfriend of 5 years was just denied his IEC Visa due to insufficient proof of returning to Costa Rica after visa would have finished. He does not own land or a business, or have any children. He does have a job, and we have been renting the same house for 3 years, but apparently this is not enough. We now plan to marry in December so that I may sponsor him to come to Canada. We were planning to marry regardless, however this has now been expedited due to the recent visa denial. Will this, IN ANY WAY, affect his ability to be sponsored by me, his wife, to come to Canada through the spousal sponsorship program?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Anthony Doherty

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Hi Jane,

You can still sponsor your fiance to come to Canada. The visa denial will have no affect on the sponsorship application. After you submit the sponsorship application you can then apply for a visitor visa for him to come to Canada, however this visa will be at the complete discretion of the visa officer and is not guaranteed to be approved. So, you may have to remain in Costa Rica until a decision is made on his permanent residency.

I hope this helps.