IEC waiting for spousal PR


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I have recently applied for spousal PR via inland. My application was returned to me as a couple of forms were out of date. I have sent it back 3 weeks ago so the process will now begin again. I have also had 2 previous whp and I just did a border run last night for my 3rd one in a row, and they only granted me the visa until mid June.

Now I will have an issue as I would expect that a decision would not have been reached on my PR by mid June when my work permit expires. I doesn't seem like I will be able to apply for another IEC if they only gave me 6 months this time.

My question is now that the old WHP has become the IEC and requires you to apply for work permit through CIC, does this now enable you to gain implied status once the work permit expires if you have an application pending a decision? I know that you couldn't under the old WHP as it wasn't a work permit through CIC.

If I cannot gain implied status after my work permit expires, what are my options?


Riley Haas

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Hi Aussiechris,

I have no idea why you were only granted a work permit until June. I also don't know why you submitted an in Canada class application as the processing time is approximately 22 months. If you had submitted overseas via Sydney, the processing time is only 11 months for a PR decision. However, once your spouse receives approval in principle you will be eligible for an open work permit. Approval in principle usually takes 14 months to receive. The answer to your question is no, you will not have implied status once your work permit expires unless you submitted a work permit application along with your sponsorship application.

I hope this helps