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What kinds of jobs may I hold with the work permit issued under IEC? Are there restrictions on the duration of the employment contracts, the language of the workplace, the location or the number of employers I may have?

Anthony Doherty

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Hey Franz
The IEC working holiday allows Greek citizens to come to Canada to work for the duration of 12 months, There are some occupation restrictions such as working in hospitals, hospice or providing care or treatment anyone. If you want to work in one of these professions you must undergo a medical examination and receive permission from the provincial government. The work permit allows you to work anywhere in Canada for any employer. The are no language requierment for this program, however having good English or French language skills will make it easier to find a job. Please visit the Greek IEC page for a full list of the regulations and restrictions.

Unfortunately the program quota is full and you would be placed on a waiting list with no guarantee that you will receive a spot in the program in 2014. There are still places left in the young proffesional program, but to apply under this category you will need a job offer from a Canadian employer.