Immigration for artists in game industry?


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Hello. I'm a senior cg artist working in game industry and plan to emigrate but I have few question and I can't to find right answer on it. Could you please to help to find right way?

My question is:
How to immigrate if I am senior 3d artist [NOC: 5223 Graphic arts technicians. Video game artist] and I can be self employed as I will need.
What do I need to do to start?


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I know that this post is back from 2017, so it has been a while, like 3 years, however i am in a really similar situation. However i don't really understand the point of those requirements, for self-employed immigrants. I mean, what to they mean by "have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics". And the second point is also awkward, however it is better explained compared to the first one. Right now i am working with a team of developers from valve and we are looking to create some new and really great skins, take as template the dragon lore, and make some kind of variations. I don't really think that this can be considered as "significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada".

Riley Haas

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I mean, it might be considered that. I have no idea.

You might want to find a consultant or lawyer with experience applying for the self-employed stream to see if you do indeed qualify.

But if you are working for a company Express Entry is likely the easier path.