Implied Status

Bruna Baldan

New Member
I will try to explain my case:

1. Currently I have a Work Permit Visa from a Co-op Program that expires 28 September. However, my Co-op time ends 28 June, which means I should stop work by this date.
2. I applied to OINP on April 9 (Job Offer – Foreign Worker category). Considering that everything goes well, I should receive the positive approval around June and I will receive a Nomination Letter and a Work Permit Support Letter.
3. Currently I am working for the company that supported me with the Nomination Program.

What is the best strategy to keep working while I receive the nomination response and apply for Work Permit using the Work Permit Support Letter and wait the Work Permit approval? I was planning apply to Work Permit as soon as I receive the Work Permit Support Letter and use that Implied Status to keep working, but I am not sure if I can do it. Can I use the Implied Status in this case? THANK YOU.

Riley Haas

Staff member
I believe you can apply for a work permit while you have a PR application pending but I think this is more of a question for an RCIC or lawyer and I regret to say that I am only the forum admin.