Insurance for new immigrants


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which insurance to buy for first 3 months after landing as Immigrant as Ontario Health Insurance will start after 3-4 months.
Kindly share a link if you have already bought insurance scheme.


Riley Haas

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That is a really good question. I actually thought we had an article on it, from a few years ago, but I can't find it. I've commissioned one.

In the meantime I'm sorry I cannot answer your question. There are many private health care plans that provide supplemental services to OHIP which probably also offer full coverage plans, but I don't know how affordable they are.

Travel insurance is an option too, but I suspect it is way more money.

PeterMarch PM

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It's very difficult to get insurance in Ontario. At least I tried some companies and they asked me for a lot of paperwork. Who's handled it?


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With this question, you need to contact the migration service. It seems to me that the insurance of migrants is on their part. Or try to search for information on official websites. There are a lot of insurance agencies that are aware of all these nuances.
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