Marriage Licence

Dumitru Vigu

New Member
I decided to go in Philippine to marry my fiance.
I will prepare the documents to support my Application for a Marriage Licence (afidavit of marital status, divorce decree, birth certificate).
Question: the SWORN APPLICATION for such licence that shall be filled by me, canadian citizen - may I do it to a notary in Canada and to send it to Guvernment of Philippine together with all other documents supporting my application ?

The ideea is that I could not afford more than 2 weeks for going in Philipine to marry my fiance, then I would like to prepare in Canada all documents, if possible and before I schedule my flight in Philipine to have received the Mariage Licence. Is it possible ?


Riley Haas

Staff member
I'm sorry to say I cannot give you a definitive answer but the best I can say is that if you do get the document notarized here, you very likely may have to do it again in the Philippines as many countries do not recognize the notaries of other countries. Have you thought about calling the Filipino Embassy?