marriage online


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Is there any way to marry my girlfriend online or something like that since we are in two separate countries and we can't really travel right now but we wanna start our spousal sponsorship ?

Riley Haas

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Not to my knowledge. I believe this is something that must happen in person, regardless of jurisdiction. You both have to consent to the marriage for it to be legal and I don't personally know of a way this could be done in absentia. Sorry.


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Do you really think it's possible to meet someone online and make a strong relationship) I'm not sure...


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But it's just my opinion) For me, traditional dating is better! But I work a lot and sometimes I don't have time for traditional dating! So also can use online dating and I do it just for good time spending. But I know a few real stories when people met at dating sites and after that-get married. But I'm not sure that It'll happen with me and I'll meet my future wife in online) But who knows))))