masters in Canada


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Hello, I'm a 4th year chemical engineering student at the American University
of Beirut and I'm currently doing an internship in queen's university in
Kingston,Ontario . I'm thinking about doing my masters here in Canada and
then find a job there and start a new life (imigrate there) . What are the
chances of being able to work in Canada ? Because I think I can't get a
Canadian passport without working there and paying taxes for a couple of
years right ?
P.S : i have a 4 years visa to Canada :D

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
If you complete your masters here you will be entitled to apply for a "post graduate" work permit, which is an "open" work permit. You will also be allowed to work part time during your master's program.
If you get a job after graduation, and it's permanent, you may be eligible for a "Provincial Nomination" from Ontario for Permanent Residence (i.e. you can apply for PR faster). There are other methods as well, but this is probably the simplest, since you will be attending grad school.
Hope this helps.