Minimum Income requirement for sponsoring PR of parents


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Hello everyone,
I had a general question regarding meeting the minimum necessary income (MNI requirements) for sponsoring permanent residence of my parents in 2023 and would greatly appreciate your response. For sponsoring PR of my parents, I understand that I have to meet the MNI requirements for proof of income for past 3 years i.e 2020,2021,2022. But what I am confused about is calculating the family size.I and my wife will be having our first child this year. So taking this situation into account, what should be my MNI requirements,should it be point (1) or point(2) below? I would greatly appreciate your response, thanks ahead of time! The MNI numbers I have mentioned below are from the section named "Income required for the 3 tax years right before the day you apply (sponsors applying in 2021)" on cic website as of today, thanks.

(1) Since our family size will be 2 people (just me and my wife) in 2020, we will need to meet the MNI requirement of only $32,899 (for Tax year 2020 for family size being 2 people as mentioned on cic website)


(2) Although our family size was 2 people in 2020, since I am going to sponsor my PR of my parents in 2023, my MNI should be $55,695 for tax year 2020 which is the MNI for family size of 5 people (my,wife,baby, mother,father)

Riley Haas

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You need to meet the minimum income for the date when you apply. So if the baby is born when you submit the application, it will be 5 but if the baby isn't born when you submit, it will be 4.