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I apologise whether this was posted in this group on any other location.
I'm from Argentina and I have a question (well, many in fact). I was exploring the options to move to Canada and I think I must apply for the Federal Skilled Workers program. Now, my question is: Do I need a work permit or according to my qualifications I can get a visa (not so sure which one), move there and start a new life.
OK, I know you need some more info as to my situation. I'm an English <> Spanish translator, currently I work on a freelancer basis for US agencies and have got 13 years in the industry. My main fields of expertise are medical, educational, technical, gas&oil and legal. So, work would be no problem for me because I can work from home wherever I am. Plus, I am a French teacher.
The fact is that my husband and I want to settle in a better place, which allows us to improve our lifestyle and to give our almost 8 years old daughter a better future. We have thought of Canada because it's first class in all aspects.
As to my husband, he has an intermediate degree in construction (is similar to an architect but with a restriction as to the height of the building or residence he can build). He could work as foreman or construction manager, maybe. He can also work doing architectural rendering for contruction companies. He's studying English to seat for an exam so as to get the minimun requiered to move to Canada.
So, according to the info above, is it possible for us to apply for a visa as resident or immigrant and go and settle in Canada? Is there any other thing you can advise/recommend me to take as an action?
Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks!

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
You currently qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker program and translator is one of the "Eligible Occupations", i.e. you do not need a job offer to immigrate.
However, the immigration system is changing on January 1, and we are not completely sure what it will look like.
So, basically, if you can get all your stuff together and submitted by December 31, you can apply under the current FSW program. If not, you will have to use the new "Express Entry" program, which is longer and involves a multi-step application process.

For more information about Express Entry, see these links:

Anthony Doherty

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Hi there,

It sounds like you need help in choosing which options are available to you and your family. Please call our office on 001 416-962-2623 and arrange a consultation with a Canadian immigration consultant.




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Hi again,
Riley and Anthony, thanks a lot!!!!!! :). Should have learned about this forum before, I have started gathering everything long ago. I'll try to get the most I can, but can't assure whether I'll be able to do it before that date.
I've read about the Express Entry program and got some understanding as to how it will work quite well, even though the government has still a lot to communicate about it.

Anthony, have you got Skype?My ID is dixitranslations, in case you have and can contact me. I'm available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. I'll try to call you, but if possible to use this means of communication so the call does not cost so much because I have many questions/doubts and I think you can help me.

Really appreciate a lot your answers (both of you, of course) and would like to keep in touch to get guidance from you.