Moving to Canada


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Hello, my question is if I can travel to Canada and once in Canada can I start the process of staying there? I am from Honduras and it is really expensive to move to Canada through express entry or federal skilled worker because we have to show that we have enough funds to sustain our family for a year. We don't have that amount of money. I have uploaded my husbands resume in job bank, monster and indeed for several years now and have had no luck. I need some advice. My husband qualifies as a federal skilled worker. He is a mechanical industrial engineer with a masters in bussiness administration.
I would also like to know if the red seal program only helps those who are in Canada or they also help people overseas?

Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to say that you need to immigrate from Honduras, not from Canada. Unless you can get a job offer and a work permit ahead of time, you will need to do it from home.

As for the Red Seal question, I believe it is only within Canada but I wouldn't want to swear to it. Please contact them for more information:


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Thankyou for your help. I guess moving to Canada will only be a dream for me and my family. Because getting a job offer is almost impossible and it is way to expensive for us to move due to all the things that have to be done and all that has to be paid. Thankyou for your help though.