My Wife is from Philippines and she has a child


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Good day Immigroup,

I am a Canadian Citizen and was married to a Filipina last 2013. The thing is she has a child. Would it be possible for them to migrate here in Canada? How would it work? I wanted them here. I don't want her to leave the child in the Philippines. What do I need?


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I am in a similar position being a Canadian wishing to marry a Philippine Lady. Is the Philippine Government Process that much of a confusing MESS to require Professional Assistance ? Can someone tell me if it is possible to obtain the proper documentation , Marry and have her Passport changed into my last name (maybe changing her last name isn't even necessary) and have her come to me to Canada all within 6 months ?

Maybe I am dreaming that this all can be accomplished within 6 months!

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Riley Haas

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The marriage part may be easy - I am not expert - but the sponsorship part, bringing your fiancee to Canada - can be very complicated and will take a very long time. Currently the Manila office's processing time is 14 months and that is in addition to the 2 months or so that it will take to approve you as a sponsor. An "inland" application - that is, bringing her to Canada as a visitor and then marrying her here and sponsoring her - will take even longer than that, though she will have the opportunity to apply for a work permit once you are approved to sponsor.

Hope this helps.