My wife wants to separate the day of my permit expiration


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Hello everyone.

My wife came to Canada as an international student. And I obtained an open work permit. In july, my employer asked about my permit renewal. But my insist not to worry about that, because she almost finish her studies, and I can obtain a new work permit when she ask for a post-diploma permit.
She obtained her grades yesterday and informed me that she wants to separate, because she doesn't want to live with me anymore. My work permit will expire next week.
She even suggest me to book a flight to return to my country, an order to prevent staying here illegally.

- Do I really have to leave Canada?
- Can I pursue her for trust abuse? Since she seems to play me the whole time.

Thanks in avance for your answers.


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I am sorry about your situation.

I am assuming you are not going to school anymore; this would be one way you could stay, but you still would need to apply outside Canada for the study permit. You can apply for a work permit but again would have to apply outside Canada.

There is no recourse that you can use on her.