No notice of assessment


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My wife (sponsor) has not filed her taxes for the past 2 years. She is now going to do them, but it means we do not have a notice of assessment and I wanted to send the application in asap in the next week or so. To wait for this document could cause us problems.

In your experience, should we wait before sending in the application until we have the NOA to be sure or just explain that it hasn't been filed for 2 years and we are awaiting the NOA and will forward on once received? I'm uncertain as I know there are no minimum income requirements for the spousal visa so I'm unsure how important they see this document as. If she had payslips and letter of employment would this suffice?

Thanks for reading and any advice you can provide.


Riley Haas

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Hi Ian,
If you submit your application without a Notice of Assessment, it will be returned to you. You will have to wait.

Sorry for the bad news.