Online Portal Transition: Impact on previously mailed paper applications?


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My spouse, a Canadian citizen, is applying to sponsor me, a South African citizen and currently residing in Canada on a visitor visa (I have applied for extension to this as well).

We mailed an Inland Sponsorship Application (incl. Open Work Permit application) by paper to the Mississauga Office at the beginning of August 2022. This was before the announcement that all PR Program applications were moving online. As of yet, we haven't received an Acknowledgement of Receipt - our understanding is that this can take anywhere up to 2-6 months to receive after applications have been mailed.

We are trying to determine what the online portal transition means for our mailed application? The government website says any applications received after the transition date will be returned and while we mailed/submitted our paper application well in advance of this official announcement and transition (and were notified by the courier that is at the offices), our concern is that as we don't have an AoR yet, they will return the application.

Alternatively, even if they don't we are worried about the application being deprioritized in favour of the new online applications.

To date, the IRCC hasn't responded to any queries on this and they are proving notoriously difficult to get hold of given we don't have an official application number.

We are just trying to determine whether to stick it out and wait for the AoR or if we now need to submit an online application as well.

Any insights are much appreciated.


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I would wait for another one to two months. If still no answer from IRCC, you can file the application again but this time online. What ever application IRCC gets to first will stop the other application. You will get a refund (eventually...).

If you are really worried about it, hire a license legal professional to take over.

P.S. It's a advisable not to leave Canada while the application is in process.