Open Work Permit Denial


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My husband was denied an open work permit today due to Section 203: it said that he did not submit the Labour Assessment Form and the forms from Social and Economics Canada. We're very confused because it is quite clear that you do not need to submit these for an open work permit. Essentially, we were denied for forms we do not need. He filled everything out as a temporary resident and following Immigrations advice, wrote a letter of intent explaining that once we got the work permit we would apply for permanent residency but needed the funds to do so. We checked with Immigration through all the steps and followed their exact advice. Any ideas as to why were denied for something we were not required to submit?


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Thank you for your help. The exact reasons listed say that his temporary status is until December 31, but that's still 6 months and we submitted a letter of intent indicating that as soon as we can create an income we will apply for Perm. Res and the other reason is as listed above, that we did not submit forms we do not need. We are trying to contact immigration for more details then proceeding from there but feel very upset as we completed this process as per immigration services suggestion.

Riley Haas

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Again, I don't think I can answer your question, sorry to say. I'm not sure exactly why he was denied a work permit. I really would strongly suggest you speak to an RCIC or lawyer, and have them go over the application you submitted and the response.