Open work permit without job offer to PR?


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I have a question for a unique situation. Can anyone tell me if its possible to get an open work permit (no job offer etc) and then apply for PR status even if a job was not attained? The applicant is retired U.S military therefore lives off pension and doesn't actually require a job (though may decide to work part time if something comes up). Thanks in advance for any info.

Riley Haas

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Here are the ways someone can immigrate to Canada:
  • As a skilled worker (through Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades or a PNP program)
  • As a skilled worker with Canadian work experience (through CEC or a PNP program)
  • Sponsored by a spouse, parent (not applicable in this case) or child/grandchild
  • As a refugee/protected person.
I'm not sure why this person would be eligible for an open work permit but, assuming he is, what would the open work permit accomplish for making him fit into one of these categories better? A work permit with no Canadian work experience is not helpful for CEC/PNP to the best of my knowledge.


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Hes having trouble fitting in to any category. Looking for a way to eventually obtain PR but his experience as a soldier doesn't seem to fit anywhere. He would be contributing to the economy with his income but has no real need to work.