OWP for student's spouse


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Hi, I am Indian and my wife is Chinese. We have a kid of 1 year old. My wife is applying for a 2 year study visa(Already got acceptance letter), whereas I wanna apply SOWP for myself. I have few questions to clarify. 1) What are the chances to get visa for all 3 in our case ? ... 2) is there any problem in Visa/SOWP if couple is from different country ? .... 3) Any suggestion what must be our strong Home ties to show specially in our case of two different country persons ?.... 4) What visa should we apply for our 1 year old kid ?... 5) we have an EE profile, do we need to withdraw before apply study visa ? .. Thanks a lot in advance for suggestions.


Toronto, Ontario
I would think if your wife came first to Canada and after 6 months you would apply. This way, you are setting a good track record and showing the government that your family is abiding by the visa requirements.