Please all advice I can get on relocating to Canada and getting admission as a matured student in a University


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Hi Guys, Thank you for a platform like this!
Please I intend relocating to Canada from Nigeria to study Global Health or Health Bioinformatics. I am a matured student. I will appreciate advice on study permit, IELTS, which University to apply to bearing in mind cheapest areas of residence for a student.
I need virtually any and every advice I can get on relocating.
Thanks a million!

Riley Haas

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So the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the universities that offer your program(s) of interest, at the level you want (bachelor's, post-grad). Depending upon your education level and what you want, you might also want to look at colleges. Because of the size of many Canadian institutions, many of them will not offer your program of choice. So you have to do this first.

Next, you can figure out where it will be cheaper to live. Generally as a rule of thumb: smaller cities are cheaper in terms of rent than larger cities, but food and other costs (gas, for example) can be higher in smaller places.

Then you have to apply to the schools are you interested in.

Once you are accepted, you can apply for a study permit and a visitor visa.

Hope that helps.