[Please Help]Wrong status on TRV as visitor instead of student


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Im currently a student in canada and i recently applied for temporary resident visa under the valid study permit.
Issue starts as my temporary resident visa is approved as visitor and i currently have a family emergency to attend by september 15th.

As my status is set to visitor on my temporary resident visa and having a legal document as study permit, i have these following questions

1.How can i face CBSA officer when i return after the family emergency? if they just ask why do i have visitor visa on valid study permit - what do i answer? if i dont answer to that question properly will i get deported?
2.I have seen on IRCC webpage that if a temporary resident's visa changes from student to visitor do i loose the chance to apply for work permit or extend study permit in the near future?(my study permit is still valid but will it create problems while i apply at PGWP?)

Riley Haas

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So your study permit is permission to study in Canada and your visitor visa is permission to travel to Canada, there is no conflict.
  1. I'm not sure why they would answer this question. You need a valid visitor visa to come here.
  2. Can you post the link? I think you are talking about "status" not the visa, they are different. (I know it's confusing.) Just because you need a visitor visa to travel back to Canada doesn't mean you've lost your student status. Does that make sense?


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While in Canada, you can apply for a new temporary residence permit.
My wife received hers when she was still living with me. Gunnu, did you really think you won't be able to leave the country? Again, my wife traveled to Texas for a study program and returned without incident. I called the CIC, and they stated everything was OK.
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