Possible invalid visa?


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I have a friend who came from Pakistan 3 months ago on a student visa. Her entire process has been under the "guidance" of her "consultant" who works at a Pakistani board of tourism office.

After the guidance she has received from this consultant, it seems to be her visa might potentially be invalid. The consultant suggested she move provinces and begin working to have more money for college (the consultant said that the money she was bringing from Pakistan would be enough). The past few months she has been working to save for university.

Obviously now with research it seems this will invalidate her visa...

What can she do now??!!! Please help.

Various lawyers have suggested for her to file for asylum(refugee) and it will help so that she will not be illegal.

Would filing for asylum immediately stop the potential of her being here illegaly?

With her being christian from Pakistan, her past does offer grounds for asylum. But will this help? What is the process to do so?

Any other help or suggestions?

Riley Haas

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Is she physically inside of Canada?

What type of "visa" are we talking about? A temporary resident visa? A work permit? A study permit? A Confirmation of Permanent Residence?