PR Renewal using online portal


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Hi, I submitted my pr renewal at online portal on December 22, 2022. Now I see the "submitted" button but "view" button is not active. I signed up at GCkey to see my application status and tried to link my application. But they cannot find my application. I started to search what I can do. They said I should have confirmation page after I submitted, or get confirmation email. But i don't have any of those. Does it mean that they didn't receive my application? I called the call center but they hang up on me.
There is no way that i can do for my submitted application. What can I do at this time? it is over processing time, which is 69 days. I don't even know if they received my application. Any adivise or experience on it?


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I am also in the same situation. Applied using online portal in sept last year, no update as of now, so not sure if I would wait or shall apply again.