PR with Canadian experience


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If I have one year Canadian experience, how should I proceed to move in to Canadian PR?

Which program I should go to for : express entry or PNP? Suppose my car score is 430.


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Thanks for replying Riley...

Given the 430 score scenario, what are the chances of profile getting pick up through PNP after a year? Say for Ontario?


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Hello guys
I have a question regarding work experience under CEC...I received my ITA and in my employment letter, it says part time 32/hrs week
I was employed as a part time employee and j have worked there for 18 months with atleast 32 hours a week (most of the weeks it's above 40)
So is it ok to put Part time 32/hrs per week
This is my primary experience
Will it be ok or I have to work 2 years regardless of hours if I am part time
Any help will be appreciated

Riley Haas

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If your total hours for the year in question total at least 1,500 hours (30 hours x 50 weeks) IRCC considers that full time whether or not your employer does. So if the contract says "part time" on it, then you have to show how many hours you worked.