Pro-bono/Affordable Legit Lawyer


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Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am new to the board and I want to apply for criminal rehabilitation. Really, what I need is a pro-bono lawyer that can help with filing because I am strapped for cash or credit. I know this is a long shot but why not post since I have nothing to lose. Second option would be to find a legit lawyer than can help me for under $1000.

I am a US citizen, several marijuana possession and shop lifting charges. I have completed all court adjudications , paid all fines and over 10 years has passed.
I spoke to several lawyers in Canada already and so far the cheapest legit lawyer I have found is asking $1300 to take the case. I do understand it will cost something but I have a feeling that I can find a qualified lawyer willing to help during these tough times for under $1000 or maybe probono. Please kindly advise or reach out if you can help.