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processing time for the Assessment of Sponsor ?

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Hello everybody

I am badly confused about the processing time to sponsor my mother ?

the CIC website states that it takes 48 months for the Assessment of Sponsor PLUS the Assessment time of the Person Being Sponsored which may be up to 74 months depending on the visa office of each country.

they made it clear that There are two consecutive steps in processing family sponsorship applications. In order to know the total approximate time you must ADD the times together. bellow is the link for the info

does it mean that it will take almost 122 months to bring my mother which is almost 10 years or I am just not reading things properly

any help pleaaaaaaaaase

Riley Haas

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Hi again,
So she can apply to extend her stay once she's here. Visa or "super visa" doesn't matter, what matters is the length of time.

And, yes, those waiting times are horrible. The government really doesn't want people bringing their parents here permanently.