Proof of sponsor's intention to return to Canada


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We are getting very concerned about our outland spousal sponsorship approval. We mailed our application package on December 20, 2020 with the intention of moving to Canada by mid-June 2021. We checked online for the timeframe involved and it matched, so we have been planning for this date.

Now we see this email "Proof of sponsor's intention to return to Canada" and to reply within 60 days with more supporting documents. From the forum posts we are reading, IRCC wants you to move as soon as humanly possible after you receive this email... But we are not ready to move until mid-June 2021 and we have planned for this the entire time. Our work contracts expire June 2021 and our rental agreement expires June 2021.

Should we purchase the one way flight ticket to Canada (dated June 15, 2021) to show solid proof of our intention to move mid-June or is this very risky by stating the date? Should we instead say we are ready to move as soon as possible (by tomorrow if we are approved), and once we are approved are we allowed to move to Canada within a certain timeframe?

Because we have come to an understanding from reading online, we are allowed 1 year after the approved medical exam, and this was taken in July of 2020. Is this still the case or are they really trying to push for as soon as possible (drop all things and MOVE!) once approval is given?

I wish this was more clear up front, to begin with, as we were going by the official timeframe and planning around that! Especially during covid, we thought if anything it may be delayed but this doesn't seem to be the case...

Any helpful advice is very much appreciated. I can guarantee our intention is to move to Canada and by no later than June 15, 2021. But we are concerned IRCC will deny us saying it is too far away, even though it's what the advised timeframe would be for new outland spousal sponsorship applicants on their official website.