reapplying study visa for college


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Hi sir/ madam, I was a international student who went to university in canada and got dropped out of school due to the bad academic performance. I stayed in canada for a while as i has a us green card. Then i went back to my home country and in between I couldnt get a job because of my qualification. Now I applied for a post secondary program at a college again and got accepted. Will i be able to get the study visa again due to my previous bad academic performance, the gap and the stay in canada after? I heard it is a lot harder to apply outside of canada. Is there anything i need to provide to them in order to get the visa? Thanks you in advance!!

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
I'm sorry, but I don't know if dropping out the last time will affect your new application. In theory it shouldn't, as lots of students switch schools and have to take a different stab at schools, but it probably will, as CIC (and CBSA) will wonder what will stop you dropping out this time.
Did you overstay when you were here last? If you overstayed, I can just about guarantee that will affect your new application.


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i did overstayed for 2 months with my green card after the study visa. How should i address in the explanation letter so that the officer can approve my permit?