Renewal of Parents Visitor Visa when my PR card has expired


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My parents currently have valid Visit visas to Canada that will be expiring Dec 2021. They have visited me in Canada a couple of times over the last 5 years. I am currently expecting my second child due in Feb 2022 and want them to be here for that. We were in the process of putting together the documents when I found out my PR card has expired since July 2021. I will be applying for renewal immediately but the processing times are shown as 5-6 months. Would there be any issues applying for a visitor visa for my parents while my PR card is still under process for renewal? Is there a higher chance of it being rejected because of my PR issue?

Another option we were considering was having them travel prior to their visa expiring and applying for renewal while in Canada. Would this be a better option?


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I don't think your PR card is an important document when it comes to a visitor visa for your parents. If you are worried about it just type up a letter of explanation and explain it to the officers (every one knows Covid is slowing things down). If you need a good example of this letter just click the link I left.


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Thanks so much for your reply. Would they have any issues travelling 1 month prior to their visa expiry?
Visas are valid until the day they expire. However, your entry is a different story. If the CBSA officer at the border is convinced they will leave when they say will leave then they will let them in. However, if the officer doesn't believe it, then it could be a problem.