Self-employed immigration: language tests, processing times


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Hi everyone, I'm considering immigration in the self-employed category (cultural activities), and I'm easily exceeding the point pass mark even without language tests (~65 points, the pass mark currently being 35). The regulations for this class do not require language test results to be submitted, but is the lack of them likely to be viewed negatively by CIC or to delay the processing? English is my native language, and French is one of the tools of my trade (I am a translator), so I could just go and take a test, but is it really worth the hassle (provided that I otherwise outline my language abilities and 30 years of translation work experience in a free-form submission letter)?

Another question is that of processing times. Apparently, there are very few cases in this immigration category, so the CIC site only lists processing times for a handful of visa offices, but all the figures are very large compared to the skilled worker category. Shall I interpret these figures as realistic, or is it merely an effect of older cases (when CIC was much slower) and/or a large percentage of marginally qualified candidates?

Riley Haas

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If it not listed as a requirement, I cannot believe that they would need them. That being said, if you submitted a test, they wouldn't think less of you. But is it worth the hassle? I can't imagine it would be. (That being said, I am just the webmaster, not a consultant. I will try to ask one of our consultants when he gets back from his conference.)

Unfortunately I cannot answer your second question. Whatever is listed you have to accept at face value, but know that the actual time may be significantly less (or, unfortunately, significantly longer).

Hope I was able to help.