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Hello, i joined this forum looking for answers who have had a similar situation.
Question re Form 1283 Financial Evaluation:
My CL partner & I are are applying for immigration. She was legally working in Ontario before her immigration status was denied b/c she didn't submit required information at the time.
When we met & i decided to find some solutions for her previous application we were left empty handed.
As of now we are living together. We both work but she does not have a valid SIN #, just a cash job part time.
As a sponsor, the total # of people for the requirement is 4. ( myself, her& her two children who are overseas). Is this correct or am i sponsoring three people here?
As well, if i don't meet the requirement , can i get a co signor to assist in the financial obligation? ( other than herself)
Since she earned cash of $10,000 approx ( in 2019) she would include this in her tax return once she gets a SIN #. Her "employer" did not give her a tax # as my partner would file a T2125 when the time comes ( when she gets a SIN #).
If i include her as a cosignor we both can meet the requirement. As an overseas nurse & registered as a PSW from Ontario she has the skills & possiblity of a job ( w/ proper tax requirements) once she gets approved. She's been here in Canada for 13 years. Legally working until January 2017.

So what could i do? Is she done here & has to return back home overseas?

Riley Haas

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Which requirement are you talking about? The financial requirements for spousal/common law sponsorship are actually not public and assessed on a case-by-case basis. The parental sponsorship financial requirements can be used as a rough guide to how much money you should have, but it's not the same.

For financial assessments it's all 4 you which count.

This case is tricky since it sounds like she may be working "under the table". If that's true, I'm not sure what kind of problems you and your partner are opening yourselves up to if you include how much money she has/has made. IRCC cannot share this information with CRA without her permission, to the best of my knowledge, but it's still something to talk to an accountant about.

Yes, you can have someone else pledge to help support the family. If they're not a relative that's going to be a hard case to make.

I hope some of this is helpful.