Sponsoring my soon to be wife after a divorce


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I was married in 2014 with my ex wife. In 2017 we decided to come to Canada to study. After studies we applied for permanent residency where we received the PR in June 2020. At the end of 2019 we were still legally married but our relationship was weak due to many conflicts we had over time that were not able to be fixed. While still legally married and during the PR application I met this girl that I fell in love. I went out with her even though I was still married, which I feel awful and know what I did was wrong at the time. After receiving the PR me and my ex-wife, decided to get divorced as we were not able to amend our problems. In December 2020 we were got legally divorced. I am planning to marry this girl in March of 2021 at her country. This girl is not Canadian and I am planning to sponsor her to come to live with me after the wedding.

Will the immigration deny my sponsorship application because I was going out with her while I was still married? Will they think that my PR application & acceptance was wrong (hide information? I was still legally married, so I didn't lied about, but I am not sure if we had to be in a strong relationship or just married) What is the best course of action?

Please don't judge my action, which I know was wrong, but I appreciate any piece of advise.

Riley Haas

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No, your application will not be refused just because you were dating this woman before you were divorced.

Believe it or not, we've seen people try to sponsor partners while still married to their previous spouse. Seriously. (To be clear, you couldn't do that.)

Just include the information about how you met and when in your letter. You can explain there what was going on with your relationship with your previous wife.