Sponsoring to live in Canada please help


My Husband is currently in Asia for work assignment. His been in Asia for 10 years moving from one country to another because of work. We were married August of 2014 in Singapore. We just moved in Bangkok 3 months ago for another work. His plan is to return to Canada after 2 years. But we would like the idea of me get settled in Canada get a job while his On assignment outside Canada.

1. Is my Husband able to sponsor me even his outside Canada?

2. If my visa will be granted can I live there while he is finishing his work assignment outside Canada?

3. His been away from Canada for about 10 years but still a citizen won't this be an issue?

Appreciate your answer.



Riley Haas

Staff member
Let me try to answer your questions:
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[*]Technically, this is possible, but you have to prove the intent to move to Canada, which is hard. We don't recommend it.
[*]A visa is only good enough to get you to Canada. Once you get here, the border officer decides to let you in for a given amount of time (max 6 months). Before that time expires, you would have to leave and reenter and they would have concerns if you were staying that long.
[*]It's very hard to lose Canadian citizenship. You cannot lose it just for living outside of Canada.

I hope this answers your questions.