Spouse sponsership inland vs outland for my situation?


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Hi People,
I am applying for my spouse PR and had a question. Would be appreciated if you can answer my situation.
So I’m PR and living in ontario. My spouse is on study permit and living in alberta currently because of her university. she has classes until April, 2022 and once she graduates she is gonna come live with me in Ontario after April, 2022. We got married in july in canada but not started living together yet. I’m applying for her sponser PR but dont know which category should i apply for.
Canada class? Which says that i must live with my partner, but we are not living together yet.
or family class?

I'm getting mixed response from some immigration agents, some say outland and some say inland ( with providing reference letter explaining my situation that we gonna start living together after she graduates in may 2022)

please let me know if you know anything about this.
Thank you,
I think you can probably do inland with the letter explaining the situation. Weird that you're getting different answers. Are you talking to lawyers or consultants or both?


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I have been talking to few consultants so far, some suggested inland with letter, and some suggested outland. Let me find good lawyer near me and see what he says,
Thank you for your response.


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Sorry for propping this up, but I am in a similar situation as yours but reverse....We were married in February and have just started move in together now. However, I will be going to school this September so I had to move again but she cannot due to work. She is living in Mississauga and I'll be in Ottawa. Would I still be eligible to apply as inland? Would it help if I visit her frequently when I live in Ottawa?


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Hello everyone,
I have a question about not accompanying a dependent (15 years old) under spousal sponsorship. Does the sponsor need to fill out the IMM1283-Financial Evaluation Form? I know for sure only: her or his spouse without dependents has no need to use IMM1283.
Please let me know anyone has an answer. Thank you!