Spouse's a Fraudster


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Hello everyone,

My husband and I got married in 2018 and within a couple of months I started his sponsorship process. I got pregnant and had our baby in Canada one year later. His PR application was still in process. We applied for his visit visa twice so we could be together during the delivery but both visit visa applications got rejected. .

After arranging our son's passport and everything, my son and I flew back to my home country to finally reunite with his father and my husband, only to find out that he is a fraudster.

I found out a lot of stuff about him that the business he runs; he has defrauded each and everyone of his clients even the only employee working for him by not paying his dues. He took money from clients for small architectural projects in the name of advance and never completely executed the projects. I found a court summon against him during that time. Everyone was after him, his bank, friends and clients.

I told him to return the money he owed to people, he came up with a lot of lies to cover himself, we fought and I left for my parent's house. He and his family apologized for his careless behavior and assured me that this will not happen in the future. I came back and within 2 days of me coming back to his parent place he revealed that he has booked his ticket because he want to go before me to find work, arrange a place for us to live and be ready for our arrival and that it would be very expensive if we both go together at once. I was again dumbfounded that how could he decide to go without telling his wife and son. Again we fought, he stayed quite and apologized, I relented and he left.

After coming to Canada, he would not communicate properly just send voice messages , not receive my calls. In short, he played a game to get PR and ran off.

I came back to Canada a month ago. I resumed my old job and got a nice apartment. I am taking care of our baby alone.

He knows that I am in Canada but not initiated contact even for the sake of his child. I contacted him directly and asked to see him but he postponed that as well. I

What should I do in this situation? How do I inform CIC and what if he goes on welfare? Please guide! Thank you!