Student permit rejection


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Hello, requesting some info please.
I’m a US citizen, had student permit in Canada which expired Dec 2022. I had applied for renewal and that was rejected in Feb 2023.
how long can I stay in Canada? Is there a particular date that I have to leave the country by?
if I drive across the border and reenter will I be then a tourist and can stay 180 days?
I’m asking because I have to wind up some things at my school and at my accommodation and bank. I can leave after that, but would like to know how many days I’m allowed to stay after student permit rejection.
thank you for your time to read and reply
If you want to continue your journey in Canada, I would suggest you apply for a Canadian PR. We have a dedicated page which has a detailed report on how to get Canada PR from a study visa or TR.

Did you have applied for PGWP?
Ontario province provides some skilled trade programs for international workers, if you are interested you can apply for it and can extend your residency in Canada.