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Hello! I got accepted by a college to start my studies in January 2022. The thing is, I haven’t applied for the study permit because of some troubles with my paperwork. Now I have all the paperwork done, but I’m afraid to apply, and not receive an answer before the 6th of January. Am I still on time to apply? According to the Canada website, they would give me an answer in 12 weeks, but you never know. Please help


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Hey! We can’t decline the fact that at present processing time is getting slow but if you have already done your paperwork then should still apply for your study permit. your course start in January still you have more than 3 months almost. It could be good if you apply now. Mostly the processing time all depends on your application.


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I actually applied for my student visa on the 29th of September for the January 2022 semester, I haven't heard from CIC as of yet. I'm starting to feel anxious and worried. I hope to hear from them soon and I wish that I get good news from them. I have read a few forums and watched a few Youtube videos about student visa timeline, it pretty much averages around 3 months from the time of application submission to receiving a passport stamp.