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Hi all! Have to say it's extremely frustrating that between the consulate and the web this question doesn't appear to be answered and there is evidently ZERO avenue for asking this question save for potentially making the mistake and costing yourself years waiting with a failed application.

My question is thus: I'm applying for my daughter's proof of Canadian citizenship. Being 6 years old the only photo ID she has is a passport. That passport literally expires today, 4/10/23. With a ~18 month leadtime it will likely be SUPER-EXPIRED when the application is processed. I trust the verifiers have access to validate even expired documentation, but would the fact that it's expired be a REJECT for her application and I should therefore wait 3-4 months for a new passport before sending in her application? Any insight would be appreciated!



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The safest bet would be to renew your daugther's passport and then proceed. I assume you have a birth certificate and the rest of the required documentation, and the only problem is the fact that her passport has expired.
That is the situation. Thank you! That being said, I just got the picture component completed - which in the US is surprisingly and aggravatingly non-trivial since it's a specific format and now 'passport type photos' are relegated to drug stores, etc that only have US Spec and no ability to change. So the pics are signed and dated from the photography studio from mid-April. We don't expect the renewed passport back until August. Do you think that time gap between the pics and packet submission would be an issue? Which issue do you think would be riskier - photo lag or expired passport?

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That's a tricky one to answer, but clearly an expired passport would seem to likely be more of an issue. Rather than the date of the photograph, I think perhaps the size and resolution would be seen as more important. Someday OECD countries will agree to a standardized secure passport/ID photo standard. Until then we're all stuck with country-specific standards.