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Hey there,

During my education, I was on a Study Permit coupled with a multiple-entry visa (Category SW-1 - Student). I graduated in June 2023, and am waiting for a PGWP.

My SW-1 Multiple Entry visa is valid until the end of 2024 (I graduated earlier than expected). Do I need a new multiple-entry visa to be able to leave and return to Canada, or can I continue to use my SW-1 temporary resident visa with my Open Work Permit when I get one? Let me know if any of you have experience with this.

Thanks in advance!


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This is a tricky question. Your status as a student ended when you graduated and (I assume) applied for your PGWP. It would therefore seem to imply that your SW-1 visa expired when your status as a student expired in June 2023. You have an open work permit and have applied for a PGWP. Getting a visa to travel and return to Canada shouldn't be a problem, although it is a bit of a bother.