UK citizenship?


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Hello, I was wondering if there is any way that I could claim British citizenship? I am a dual citizen of the US, by birth, and of Canada, by decent (my mom is canadian). However I was born on RAF Lakenheath in the UK in June of 2006 because my dad was stationed there as an active US military member. I am still 15 if that effects anything. Is there a possible way of becoming a tri citizen of all 3 countries? Thanks


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This is a great question, the big question is what does your birth certificate say? If it's a "Certificate of Birth", from the UK, you are British! If it's an American birth certificate, you are not:-(

To be absolutely certain you will need to contact HM passport office, here is a very helpful article giving tips for contacting this office.


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Hi there, I’m currently trying to determine whether I (a Canadian citizen, not born in the UK or an overseas territory) acquired BOTC status by descent and/or British Citizenship through my mother, who still holds a valid Bermudian passport with a GBR code. I believe my mother is a BOTC 'otherwise than by descent', given that she obtained Bermudian status through naturalization in 1986, and became a British Dependent Territories Citizen in 1988 (I.e she lived in Bermuda for 5+ consecutive years) - would she automatically have become a British Citizen in 2002 as a result of the British Overseas Territories Act? And would I have automatically acquired BOTC by descent at the time of my birth in 1994 and thus also British Citizenship as well? (My parents are Canadian born and were also married when I was born.)
Would really appreciate any help/advice!! Thank you!


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Hi! I will be working in the UK for the next 3 years under a Tier 2 skilled worker visa. My boyfriend is British and I am an EU citizen. Will I be able to get British citizenship through marriage after living and working in the UK for 3 yrs on a tier 2 visa, or will I require 5 yrs in the UK in order to obtain ILR and then be eligible for citizenship? Any info or contact numbers for more info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)


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ILR requires you to have been in the UK for at least 5 years under the same route, normally under a work or family visa. Unfortunately, time spent as a student does not count toward this requirement at all.
Are you sure about this? I spoke to an immigration lawyer several months ago and (if i remember correctly) she advised otherwise, I could quite possibly/probably be confusing things though.

Bit of a hijack but these are my wifes circumstances, these are all consecutive visas and shes been out of the country twice during the below period for roughly a month each time;

2011 - 2016 Tier4
2016 - 04/2017 Tier2
04/2017 - present Spouse

How long will she have to wait until she can apply for ILR then citizenship?